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Monday, March 14, 2005

haiii. im tired. i cracked my back abt a million times today. went to the moomba festival on saturday and i was exxxtremely moody. was so grumpy and tired and macs just had to put me on the dinning shift so i could get perv-ed on by old guys, poked by annoying babies who spill milkshakes and stupid couples who treat me like their waitress!! assss. they asked me to get them straws because they were too lazy to go downstairs to the counter to get it themselves?!?! eat eat eat eat more macs la. grow fatter. was sooo moody. nvm. it's all over. and i spent 30bucks on a top after that. and went to the mooba festival! the fireworks were soo beautifuLLLLL!...went with jie and the physio people. they are one cracked up bunch of girls..hahah.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

it feels extremely floatacious, cos i am old..............but studying in uni makes me feel young.! muahaha. everyone else is lk 19+++++++++. my first day at uni was horrible btw. had a full day from 9 to 7.15. lecture -> workshop -> 15 min break -> lecture -> lecture -> studio (in the cold wind). somemore during my 15min break i was rushing ard trying to buy supplies because the stupid lecturer didnt tell us that we had to buy catridge paper and pencils. stooopid womannn. she could have sent an email but nooo. she just had to make us suffer. hai..i was beat after. no wonder im sick now. gr. met an old guy who was 52 and starting 1st yr Archi..? haha..it's amazing. that's what i call passion. bt when he graduates, he'll be 58. all the best man. hha. i drew him in our partially life drawing class. couldnt even look at my paper. but it's some kind of thing they have for class. made a bridge out of paper for our workshop. obviously it fell apart...when my lecturer stepped on it! buuuuuyah. it was very nice...i do like it. during the studio session we had to draw this building.

bad lighting btw, but it was already 6.30pm.
but hur hur...it turned out like some kiddy drawing.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

err. i think i've abandoned my blog long enough for it to depise me. hur hur. it's just that im so bored...and by the way.! Gong Xi Fa Chai and Happy Valentine's Day....i know it's a little late? but. what can i say. didnt even cross my mind. and my dad didnt even think of getting anything for my mum. seriously....

called him at work.
me: aye..today's valentine's day you know. what did you get for mummy huh. ?
dad: HUH! valentine's day.... what did you get for her?
me: *made a facial expression that he couldnt see on the phone*. siao ah. what did YOU get for her la?
dad: i dunnoe...get something for me leh...
me: okok. buy flowers later ok.
dad: eh eh. good. make sure she thinks that i bought it okay! hide it in your room when you get home then give it to me later.
me: -_-. hai....alamak.

haha. i just wanted to spend some of his money that day. XD. $20 for a bunch of purple roses.. k right?
hope im working tmr. dont want to be bored sitting ard making my ass explode. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY! eventhough i know you dont even know my blog add. he got Krispy Kremes for his birthday! should have scabbed some off him...i want Krispy Kremess.

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

urghhh...so frraking tired. i did dinning today and my back is sore. but my personal physio behaves lk she's on leave. doesnt give me a massage when i really need one. but i become her guinea pig whenever she wants me to arh. ....poke her eyes man. actually i love my job at macs. the people are great the shifts are even better, the food is good....but say far far away from salads plus. it's dry and sucky...that's why it's low fat.....duh. not juicy enough. muahahah. it's not as bad as everyone thinks. cos i get paid 9bucks an hr. yar yar. and my pay increases in 3 mths time. and i've had macs more time this past mth then i've ever had in my entire lifetime here. but i get free burgers and meals....so wth. and they make me work my ass off (refer to back problem on top). and there was this junkie today.... was scabbing for change to buy a cheeseburger and jimmy gave him the worst killer side stare i've ever seen in my entire life. haha. he's one farnie ass. matt was pissing in his pants looking at jimmy. and all of them are lk freaking 4 mths younger then me and they've been working there for 2 yrs...bu.

uni starts in abt 2 mths. and im enrolling on monday. =/...life's so different now. i have a job!! den den den dennNNNNN!! and i love my baby, won bin aka yuan bin aka mine. XD! went to sue lyen's hse today....friend of tung may yen....wah kao. her hard drives are filled with korean mtvs. hahahah....she's one farnie person. went out with amanda, karina (calina), tung may yen for max brenner's yesterday. mmmmmmmmmm. i love that place. at this rate...im nv ever going to lose a pound. this sucks. but not the food.

hai. may yen uploaded the pics here.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

i thought it would be easy. but....nah. i swear. sometimes things really dont turn out the best way you would want to. if it was GOD's will for me to die, i will. if it was GOD's will for me to live, i will. and if it was GOD's will for me to be punished, i. will. be. punished. yup....i do see it as a punishment. cos i live a kind of double life but no one knows that other me. punishment. that's what it is. but yes. we little creatures on Earth are minute to the ways of how 0.000000000000001% of how GOD's ways are. to GOD, we are retards. im glad i was called for work today. had to get it off my mind. couldnt bear to stay at home and rot my ass off. and i swore at work too.. haha. cos i gave someone wrong change. hai. im saddddddddddd. but hey. GOD's will.

im going to the beach tmr to destress. 35 degrees! or i'll probably go shopping....again. XD

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

been having such weird dreams lately... i dreamt abt an old schoolmate that i had a crush on...buu. it was one of those incomprehensible dreams. i had already tried to abdicate this thought that i thought i had but it just had to keep rushing back to me. and urghhh. im feeling disgusted with myself because i had to go check if he was still single on friendster....sick right. but no. NO. im not going to pursue this anymore. it's tung may yen's fault man. there she goes now walking down the street with her new taufik..singing doo ah dee dee dee dee dum dee deedooo. *^%&!! wth. and what abt me you bapokkk, may yen. we were supposed to go to uni and hunt for eligible bachelors....! i can tell this is just mindless rambling but hey. we all have to do this once in a while.

aye..just came back from our summer trip at Lakes Entrance. it was...relaxing. surprisingly. night nature walks, cruises, fishing and sun baking. this.is.the.life. but my thighs are burnt. that fishing really paid off. i have a tan!! but my thighs....they are full redness. ouch~. i think i might get skin cancer or somthing and hahaha. there was a cute guy at the Safeway at Lakes and i kept going there to buy ice cream so i could see him! ahahha. damn. im sad.

anyway, cos its the new yr, my resolution is.......
i'll probably drink like slimming supplements or eat fat terminating pills.... muahhaahha. cos i cant give up on my Mars bars. XD

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Monday, December 27, 2004

yes. it's official. i LOVE boxing day. at 12 in the afternoon we chiong-ed to chadstone but obviously there wasnt a single parking lot because apparently, almost half a million people were at chadstone today and there wasnt any parking at 9. so buuu. i bummed into so many people there. literally. muahhaha. spent a probable total of abt 200. it would have been 4-500 if it werent for boxing day. got 3 tops, a skirt, a pair of tankinis......a jacket. ahhhh. blissfulnessss. shopped for 7 hours! ourghhh. my ankles hurt. but it was worth it all. *beams* and we're still planning to shop more tmr. doesnt matter...i have a job! at macs....haha. but better than nothing, yar? and im having premonitions.....=/. im going to go flat broke.

had lebanese tonight. burppp. there was belly dancing going on. so much jiggling. O_O. my head was throbbing cos of that stupid loud music. but the food was good.

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